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Sacha Cosmetics

Over the past 40 years, SACHA has been manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago, a multicultural country with people of light, medium and dark skin complexions.

For decades, cosmetics companies made makeup products primarily for women with light skin tones. The products they made for women with medium to dark skin tones, performed poorly and did not suit them. The foundations looked two-toned, the face powders left them ashy while the makeup colors simply disappeared when applied.

Recognizing this, we decided to develop a line of makeup that all our women, regardless of ancestry or skin color could wear. Today, after years of continuous improvement, SACHA is a fully developed line with high-performance products that look equally exquisite on diverse skin tones.

Our foundations never look two-toned and do not oxidize. They provide excellent coverage, protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun while concealing all our skin blemishes. They create a flawless canvas on which to apply our exquisite makeup colors.

Among the most popular products in the SACHA line is our world-famous Buttercup Powder. Buttercup is completely flash-friendly and does not leave a white cast or look ashy in bright lighting, selfies and photos. Makeup bloggers call it a Holy Grail product and it is one of the best-selling face powders on Amazon.

SACHA has been the Official Cosmetics of the Miss Universe and Miss USA Pageants while our Company’s Founder Kama Maharaj, was the 2016 Caribbean Entrepreneur of the Year.

Bella Russe

Bella Russe is a premier cosmetics store.  We offer prestige brand makeup and skincare items.  Come and indulge in our services of beauty makeovers and facial waxing.

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