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J. Jay’s Clothing

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Bagalito Enterprises

We sell Mobile Phones and Accessories! Broken Cellular Phone, Tablet, or Laptop? Call Bagalito Enterprises!

Den for Men

Dreamstones Jewellery

Bijoux Terner


To be a leading luxury for less fashion business in Trinidad with operations that continuously exceed targets.


To provide high quality and trendy products while delivering superior service that contributes positively to enhancing our customer’s experience.

About the Company

The main objective of Bijoux Terner is not to just sell an item, but to sell the Concept of luxury at an affordable price. Despite its affordable costing, Bijoux Terner products still manage to maintain maximum quality and designs. International Haute Couture Design Houses of Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Swatch and Bulgari inspire such quality and design. Some of the items include but not limited to handbags, clutches, watches, beach wear, sun glasses, Bath and Body Works and Travel products.

Mark of Style

Cream Soda


Your neighborhood technology resource — enabling consumers and Makers alike to find what they need to connect and power their lives. Est. 1921.

DT Kids & Candy

Working Woman

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