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Tel: 868-229-6134

Norkinas was inspired by the popular Menorcan sandals which, due to its origins, is commonly called menorquinas. Due to their unique combination of leather and recycled tire, they were used by the peasants of Menorca, who saw this type of footwear as an ideal way to protect their feet during long days of hard work in the field.

The menorquinas has gone from being a local sandal to an international trend that is synonymous with style, strength, comfort and flexibility. Since 2013, Norkinas has been responsible for adding its contemporary touch to this traditional footwear without compromising it quality. This genius combination of style and robustness has been responsible for making Norkinas the number one avarcas brand in the world!

Norkinas extended its brand to Trinidad and Tobago in January 2019 with a line of unisex avarcas,  espadrilles, sneakers and children friendly avarcas.

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